Bespoke Service


We’re delighted to introduce our ‘bespoke’ capability, focused around our evolving LED portfolio. We’ve always offered variants of existing products, but increasingly find that we are working with clients on designing much more. Examples include products for hard to reach places, fixtures for integrated solutions and innovative ways to cover up odd shaped holes. Our business today is much more than a product catalogue. Occasionally we surprise ourselves, but learning new skills and pushing boundaries simply reflects the speed of lighting technology development.


How it works

So, how does this work in practice? Timescale is often critical; with requests coming from a building site with an imminent handover date. An initial brief can be very basic but develop quickly through a number of iterations. We’ll keep liaising with you to provide valuable input at basic design stage. We then present a proposal, usually a CAD along with pricing. Bespoke doesn’t have to mean expensive though – as our solutions are highly cost effective. Once you’re happy with the framework proposal, we can offer a 3D print or digital render to give your design realisation further dimension. Then with sign off we’re off to production. 

Create Lighting is a UK manufacturer. Quality control is inherent, and we can manage lead times directly and effectively. In practice, this means sending the first sample for you to show the client and even ship your order directly to site as they finish in production.


What we can offer you


design & development

Our designers work closely with you to capture the vision for your product and turn it into a design. Taking into consideration your technical requirements, aesthetic needs and budgetary constraints, we will develop a product that is truly bespoke and tailored to your project.


Innovation. Precision. Quality.

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Comprehensive solutions

As part of the design service, we focus on providing you with a designed product that has taken into consideration each component with millimeter precision. Our team has in-depth materials knowledge and manufacturing experience, which enables us to produce products that meet your technical specification and cover any mounting or environmental factors we are advised of.


Renders & Prototyping

Our design team uses Solidworks software to produce technical designs and can generate high quality renders during the design process to help visualise your product. Time and budget permitting, we can also have 3D-printed prototypes to aid with practical approval for your projects.


Custom MaterIALS & finishes

We can manufacture items in a variety of materials, with many of our products being made in Aluminium and Stainless Steel. We can also finish raw materials with processes such as sandblasting or brushing, as well as RAL powder coating and coloured anodising.


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